Tips for Healthy Looking Skin

Author: Herbalife Nutrition
Woman during skincare routine applying cream on face and smiling.

Working too Hard

Well, it’s not exactly working too hard, but more about the long hours spent at the office. You’re most likely sitting indoors, exposed to forced heat or air-conditioning all day long. What you really need is some nice, fresh, non-recycled air to keep your skin from looking dull. The environment, coupled with the day-to-day stresses of commuting, meetings and short deadlines, can result in dull, drab skin.

So, it’s important to give your skin (and yourself) a much-needed break. Get some fresh air, break away from your computer screen and make sure you have plenty of moisturiser on your skin to keep it hydrated and protected.


Do some interval-based training

I am a huge fan of interval-style training because of the post-workout, fat-burning effects. During a high-intensity interval workout, the body uses carbohydrates as a fuel source and burns fat to recover. Interval training takes less time and produces incredible fat-burning results after just a 30-minute workout, so try to train in this style twice a week.


How to cleanse your way to healthy-looking skin

Cleanse your skin twice a day: every morning and every night before bed, no matter what. Just because your skin looks clean, that doesn’t mean it is. Chances are it’s covered with invisible impurities that can harm the skin. Get rid of them.

Avoid ordinary bar soaps and stick with facial cleansers that are gentle and designed for your skin type.

Never dry your skin with the family hand towel. If it’s not clean, you could be transferring bacteria onto your fresh, clean face. Try a quick sniff test. If your towel doesn’t smell like it’s fresh from the laundry, then you might want to ditch it and grab a clean one.

Only rinse with warm water, never with water that is too hot or too cold. Extremes in temperature may irritate your skin and cause damage.

Exfoliate at least once a week. Gentle exfoliation buffs away dead cells on your face, resulting in smoother, brighter skin.

Just like you would for a cleanser, make sure to find a scrub that’s suitable for your skin type.

Invest in a facial once in a while. Just like you would go to a dentist for a teeth cleaning, your skin needs a deep cleansing, too. Frequency of facials depends on skin type. Work with your aesthetician to determine how often a deep cleaning is needed.

Be gentle when cleansing around your eyes. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin on your body. Handle with extra care.


Apply your products in the right order.

Every skincare regimen has steps that should be followed to ensure the best benefits. It’s important to follow the directions as provided and to layer in the order suggested. Cleansing is your first step, followed by your toner, serums and moisturizers. When you apply out of order, you run the risk of getting a negative effect, or potentially no effect at all. For example, serums have the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin than moisturizers. So, they must be applied first. If you apply your serum over your moisturizer, it won’t be able to penetrate effectively and do its job. If you don’t apply in the correct order, you could get a negative reaction. So, apply only as recommended for the most beautiful skin.

The next time you look in the mirror and just aren’t content with what you see, remember these easy steps. Give them a try and see if you notice a change. Your skin needs you to take care of it so it can continue to take care of you. Remember, the healthiest skin is always the most beautiful. 


Don't neglect your diet

If there’s one thing most of us know, it’s the importance of a healthy diet. Proper nutrition benefits the entire body and is responsible for helping us look and feel our best. Your skin is a direct reflection of everything that’s going on inside of your body. 

When you aren’t getting proper nutrition, the negative signs will show up on your skin. Your complexion will be void of that healthy glow that we all strive for. Everything you put into your body can impact the appearance of your skin.