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At Herbalife Nutrition, quality products and expert support make it easy to look, feel and live your best. Discover Herbalife Nutrition - an international leader in meal replacements and food supplements products.

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We go beyond products to include motivation and personalised coaching that give our customers the assurance to change for the better. Through a network of independent distributors, we reach our customers and the high-touch experience and person-to-person provided by our Independent Distributors is critical to our purpose. That's what we call our 'distributor difference'.

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Our Why
Making the world
healthier and happier

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Our How
Through purpose-driven
distributors who are our

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Our What
To create inspiring results
for better life

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Our Values
We always do what's right.
We work together.
We build it better.


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Founded in 1980, today Herbalife Nutrition operates in more than 90 countries with over 8,000 employees around the world.

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Countries across the Globe

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Founded in Los Angeles

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Employees worldwide


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Our Scientific Leadership and Nutrition Advisory Board, made up of leading experts create high-quality, calorie-controlled products to make your healthy lifestyle plan easier by combining their expertise to provide confidence in our products and ensure the science behind them is substantiated by scientific literature and clinical trials.

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Our investment in facilities, technology and resources, combined with our commitment to making more products in-house, strengthen our industry-leading quality and operational capabilities.

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When we invite an organisation to join our Herbalife Nutrition family, we make a commitment to provide support until the need no longer exists. We bring more than funding, by encouraging our entire Herbalife family to help support the needs of the children in our Casa Herbalife programmes. Our employees and Independent Distributors give back by volunteering their time at these organisations.

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The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) was created in 1994 to improve children’s lives. HNF partners up with organisations around the world to provide healthy nutrition for needy children through its network of Casa Herbalife programmes.

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Supporting world-class athletes and teams from around the globe, Herbalife Nutrition fuels optimal performance with its advanced nutritional products. We sponsor more than 190 sporting events and over 70 top European teams and athletes including professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, US based football club LA Galaxy and Spanish women’s Premier Division football team Atlético Madrid who use the products and wear the brand with pride.

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Working in a dynamic and fast-moving environment, we believe in working as a team to ‘build it better’. We are dedicated to setting the values for our industry we will count on you to help us achieve our goals. We want to hear from you today if you’re ready to join the Herbalife Nutrition team of over 8,000 employees worldwide.


Learn more about how we combine innovation, trends, scientific studies and customer insights to create one of the best nutrition brands in the world... Watch our "INSIDE HERBALIFE" series!