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No matter how old, young, healthy or active we are, caring for our bodies and getting the nutrients we need is essential. In spite of our best intentions, our everyday meals may not contain the right amount of every nutrient and we have to ensure we are fueling our bodies right. This is key for the body’s normal development and growth.

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Vitamins and minerals are optimum in wellbeing and performance. With differences in body size, metabolism and physiology, men and women need different levels of vitamins and minerals to enjoy optimum nutrition. Daily vitamin and mineral supplements can help to ensure you reach the suggested amount everyday as it can it can be hard to consume all the necessary nutrients just through food.

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With special emphasis on optimising our intake of the healthy types of dietary fat our bodies require to function properly, Herbalife Nutrition Philosophy recommends getting up to 30% of your daily calorie from fat – essential fatty acids contributes to the normal function of the heart and normal vision.

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A healthy way to increase your recommended daily fibre intake of 25 grams and support healthy digestion. If your current fibre intake is low, reach your daily intake with our variety of fibre-rich supplements.


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Our high-quality protein supplements are the perfect addition to your meals and snacks. Improve your protein intake in one simple step – simply add a scoop of powder to your daily Formula 1 or smoothies.